PreCon Projects
  • PreCon Points Completed: 0056,450

      PreCon Services


      •  Mechanical, Plumbing  and HVAC

      •  Coordination/ clash detection, detailed shop drawings for installation, fabrication mapping and spooling. Hanger population and coordination for RTS layout,  2D contract drawing detailing for plumbing underground fabrications and installations. Custom or personalized fabrication sheets/ catalogs

      • Robotic Total Station Layout (RTS)- Onsite layout for underground plumbing/ electrical installation and riser locations, hangers/ hanger inbeds, sleeves and equipment locations. +1000 points per work week average

      •  Experienced tradesman equipped with the latest in construction software and robotic tool technologies ready to help in the successful completion of your next project

      • Do you want to be more competitive in your market while still avoiding expensive overhead, training, equipment, maintenance and software costs?

      • Are there any upcoming projects that could benefit from utilizing these services?

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