PreCon Projects
  • PreCon's Mission is to be a fundamental resource for local MEP Contractors in  providing BIM/VDC modelling and Robotic Total Station (RTS) onsite layout as well as the skillset to efficiently and accurately operate; this could be for that one particularly difficult project with a compressed schedule or continued support throughout multiple projects.

    Company Overview

    Experienced tradesmen equipped with the latest in construction software and robotic tool technologies. Prepared to provide innovative preconstruction solutions and precision onsite layout that is more accurate and much faster than traditional methods.

    Utilizing advanced CAD programs and RTS equipment excels prefabrication processes and onsite layout solutions for all aspects of the MEP Trades. This helps to identify and resolve potential conflicts early on allowing for RFI’s to be submitted and responses received before the first tradesperson is even on site. In return, this enables your team to run at maximum efficiency without work stoppages or waiting on RFI’s and questions to be answered. 

    Precon Services

    ·   ROBOTIC TOTAL STATION LAYOUT (RTS)- Experienced operators utilizing RTS for percision layout of sleeves, hangers or hanger inbeds prior concrete decking pours or onto finished floors for laser transfer +1000 points per work week average, equipment/ equipment pads, architecture/ structures and plumbing or electrical underground piping/riser locations much faster than traditional methods.

    ·   BIM COORDINATION, 2D/ 3D DETAILING-Modelling and drawing production of MEP systems for prefabrication and install.

    ·   Complete breakdown and prep of BIM design drawings or standard contract drawings for prefab and RTS layout. 

    ·   Avoid expensive overhead, equipment and software costs, free up manpower, save on labor hours, reduce human error and expedite schedules.  

  • Create accurate fabrication and install drawings that go hand in hand with RTS onsite layout.

  • If you require any additional information, or should you have an upcoming project of interest please contact our office at your earliest convenience.