PreCon Projects
  • BIM / CAD Detailing and Robotic Layout Services

    Experienced union tradesmen equiped with the latest in construction software and robotic tool technologies

    PreCon Points Completed: 0059,650

Do you want to fabricate more on your projects? Do you want your team to be beating project schedules? 
PreCon is ready for your next project with  the industry's top skilled tradesmen operating the latest in contruction software and  robotic tool technologies. PreCon is union-signatory, Indiana based.

BIM and Virtual Design for Construction (Mechanical, Plumbing and Sheetmetal)
Providing the most accurate fabrication and installation drawings that go hand in hand with RTS onsite layout. BIM coordination/ clash resolution, shop drawings for fabrication and installation, spooling, mapping and BOMs

Non BIM Projects / 2D Contract Documents 
2D/ 3D detailing of contract drawing sets for fabrication, installation and RTS layout.

Robotic Total Station layout (RTS)
Onsite layout for underground piping/ conduit installations, hangers, hanger imbeds, sleeves or openings and eqiupment locations.
Up to 5x faster than traditional methods,
+1,200 points per work week average.
Unmatched accuracy and speed, expedite schedules and free up man power.

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